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In addition to writing the Food Lover's Guide to Baltimore and Baltimore Chef's Table, Kathy Wielech Patterson and Neal Patterson have also written for local magazines like Discover Baltimore, Towson Life, and Catonsville Life.

Neal is primarily a fiction writer and is the creator of Codename: Carla a series of novels featuring a kick-ass female fed who gets sent out on the most unusual cases. A book of short stories, The Codename: Carla Casebook, is available at Amazon.com now.

While Kathy has dabbled in writing for years, she didn't start writing in earnest until starting the food blog, Minxeats. There, she and Neal offer their take on cooking, original (and not so original) recipes, and restaurant reviews.
  Neal Patterson

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Kathy Wielech Patterson

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Kathy Wielech Patterson and Neal Patterson

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Baltimore Chef's Table

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